Explain your code

Just like you’re by their side.

Codeplay helps to facilitate better understanding of the code, cut repetitive lecturing works and save time for both you and the audience


Make Yourself Understood

Text, audio or video, use whatever works for you best to explain your code, helping audiences groking the idea faster.

Cut Repetitive Work

No need to give the same talk over and over again, just record once and play everywhere.

Better understanding

Codeplay can be paused at any time and copy the texts off of the screen, it's plain texts up there, not video or pixels

Easy Creation

Codeplay provides web-based recorder and player, no need to install anything, just click then show and tell

Embed anywhere

Recorded codeplay could be embeded anywhere in blogs, company site or technical documentation just like youtube videos.

Built-in Analytics

Codeplay provides details usage tracking and analytics for you to understand the reach and engagement of each recording

Hassle Free Hosting

As an author you just have to be fully focused on explaining yourself by creating the recordings and we will take care of everything else for you (including audio/video transcoding and real-time streaming on all desktop and mobile platforms)

Soon to be released!

Let me know when it’s out!